5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Penis Extenders

5 things you didn't know about penis extenders

There’s probably not a guy on earth or throughout history who hasn’t wished at some point his penis were bigger. It’s evolutionary: guys are hard-wired to “represent” in that area and there’s no reason to apologize for wanting a few more inches. Totally natural.

When you take a look at the options out there, you’re bound to run across a few different types of penis extenders. There are several on the market, and they represent a product that definitely deserves research before purchasing.

Most men don’t even know how they work…so to set you straight, below you’ll learn 5 things most men don’t know about penis extenders.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how they work and why they work. Take a moment to learn the basics of these devices before making any decisions: after all, this is a vital part of your life as well as your anatomy and you want to make an informed decision.

1. Penis Extenders Don’t Just Stretch Out the Skin

If you think penis extenders are just about stretching the penis, think again. Contrary to what most people think, the process is actually a little more involved than that.

To understand this, it’s important to grasp a few basics on the anatomy of the penis.

You already know the 3 basic parts:

1. the base
2. the shaft (this includes the head or glans)
3. the surrounding skin tissue

Here are the parts you may not have heard of:

1. There’s a ligament involved, too: this connects the base to your pelvis and provides anchoring support when it’s erect.
2. There’s your urethra, which is a thin tube connecting your bladder to your penis via the prostate. This is how urine and sperm emit from the body
3. There’s soft tissue surrounding the urethra, called spongiosum.
4. There are 2 other tissue areas called the corpus cavernosum. These areas run parallel along the top of the penis and also around the arteries which carry blood to the penis.

That last bit about corpus cavernosum is where penis extenders come in. The device actually works to painlessly alter the structure of this soft tissue, leading to an increase in penis size.

how penis stretching and enlarging works

So you see, penis extenders are not about stretching the skin of the penis, as if you were some sort of Stretch Armstrong. Rather, they safely and gently work on the actual physiology of the penis.

That brings us to item #2 which most people don’t know about penis extenders:

2. They Actually Cause an Increase in Soft Tissue in the Penis

As you learned just above, the corpus cavernosum is the soft tissue surrounding the main blood vessels in the penis. Of course you know that the penis is not a muscle. So, what is it? Believe it or not, it’s mostly the corpus cavernosum. It’s the same spongy tissue found in other organs of the body like the stomach.

Just as you can’t lift weights to strengthen your liver or your stomach, you also can’t exercise your way to a larger penis. What works for biceps does not work for the penis, unfortunately (if it did, the number of gym memberships would skyrocket).

So, how does it work? Stretching (the traction action of the penis extender) causes tiny lacerations in the soft tissue cells of the corpus cavernosum. The body’s response to these minute traumas are to build new tissue…lots of it! This process is called cytokineses. 

We already learned that the penis contains a majority of corpus cavernosum. Therefore, by increasing the amount of this tissue in the penis, the penis grows.

It’s kind of like saying if you build more rooms in a house, the house will grow.

3. They Trigger Blood Vessels to Increase in Size

The same process described just above also promotes an increase in blood circulation in the penis. This in turn causes the blood vessels in the penis to grow in size. It’s the only way they can accommodate the increased flow of blood.

The added benefit to larger blood vessels is a harder and longer-lasting erection.

4. They Cause the Penis to Grow Wider as Well as Longer

The increase in size of the blood vessels in the penis don’t just make the penis longer: they make it wider, too. Perhaps here is a good time to remind you that penis extenders are not simply stretching the skin of the penis.

If that were true, you’d end up with perhaps a longer penis (assuming it worked that way, which it doesn’t) but not a wider penis.

5. They Represent the Only Logical Solution to Male Enhancement

When you consider the options, penile extenders are the only smart choice. Take a look:

Surgery of course comes with risks.

Also, there is no major medical establishment that approves of penis enlargement surgery! If you choose surgery, you’re most likely looking at traveling to another country to have it done. Treatments are not approved in the U.S. Risks include nerve damage, trouble getting an erection, infection, and reduced sensitivity.

Plus, in what’s a terrible irony for those who suffer this result, scarring from surgery can result in a shorter looking penis (actually smaller, not just smaller looking).

How A Penis Extender Works

Jez Extender and Male Edge put together a good informational video on how a penis extender works. I thought it was pretty good, and I've included it here for you.

Video Demonstration Of Attaching A Penis Extender To A Real Penis

In this video, this guy is using a SizeGenetics penis extender, which I think is the best penis extender in the industry. Jez Extender and Male Edge are a close 2nd and 3rd.

Penis Extender Summary

Now, hopefully you have a better understanding of how a penis extender works and why it is fast becoming one of the most viable and medically favored ways to add real & permanent inches to the length & girth of your penis.

Clearly, not all penis extenders are created equally. As with any product, you will always have companies that try and come out with cheap (and often dangerous & uncomfortable) knock off products that they try and pass off as equal to the industry's best products.

It's the same case with Penis Extenders (or Penis Traction devices / Penis Stretchers).

Out of the many different penis extenders on the market, there are 3 that we feel are just head and shoulders above the rest. They're all medically backed and certified Type 1 medical devices that are used by penis reconstruction surgeons as an alternative way to increase penis size without having to do risky and extremely expensive penis enhancement surgery.

We really encourage you to read at least one of the reviews of these top 3 winners so you can fully understand and appreciate why we chose these three extenders as our top 3 this year.​