5 Ways Doctors Use Traction to Make Our Lives Better

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At the heart of male enhancement is the science of traction.

It’s used by doctors for everything from treating broken bones to helping burn victims recover from their injuries. Traction has also been used by traditional cultures for 2,000 years for medicinal as well as beautification processes.

But what is traction? …and more importantly, what role does it play in penis extender devices?

What is Traction?

For most of us, the idea of “traction” is defined by the guy who broke his leg and sits in a hospital traction bed. His leg is in the air, gently pulled by the device so it heals correctly.

While that’s certainly one example of how doctors make use of traction, there are several more applications of this proven and safe method that are used every day to improve our lives and make us healthier and stronger.

Before delving into some examples of how doctors use traction, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page as far as the meaning of traction.

Traction as a medical term meaning “the use of a pulling force”. More specifically, it’s a highly controlled, measured, and constant pressure applied to muscular or skeletal parts of the body.

Why Does Traction Work?

That’s what traction does, but why does that work? Simply put, traction relies on the body’s natural ability to heal and grow in response to outside stimuli. Stretching tissues causes stress, and the body’s response is to rebuild the tissue by creating more tissue cells.

Think of stretching fabric: you’re opening up spaces between the threads, just as in the body you’d be opening up spaces between the cells. This triggers the body to begin filling up those spaces by building more cells. It’s a natural healing response and if you apply continuous traction, the process continues.

The result? Tissue growth.

The Science Behind Traction

Research has proven that significant increases in length and girth of body tissues occur as a result of traction. With the use of penis extenders, the increase can often be a matter of inches.

Traction devices, similar to the penis extender, have been proven in medical studies to promote permanent growth in the following types of body tissues:

  • skin
  • muscles
  • bone
  • ligaments
  • tendons
  • teeth (!)

5 Examples of Medical Traction in Action

#1. Bone Lengthening

penis traction and stretching

Bone length is not set in stone. Bones are live tissue that’s constantly responding to outside forces. They’re elastic, and to maintain bone density it’s necessary that they change in length over time.

Traction is applied to bones on the theory that stretching exercises can make the bones grow, making you taller. Experts agree that height can be increased by applying physical stress on the limbs, prompting the body to grow more bone cells.

#2. Skin Stretching

penis stretching is a form of skin stretching

Weight loss and aging both produce loose skin on the body. There are, however, things you can do to tighten the skin so it’s closer to its original taught conditions…and of course they involve traction, or stretching.

Getting regular exercise and stretching adds to the elasticity of the skin. The more you do, the faster the process works and the sooner your skin gets back in shape.

Likewise, doctors often treat burn victims with skin stretching, causing their bodies to create their own skin grafts. Traction devices stretch the skin in non-affected areas of the skin, producing an enlarged area of tissue which can later be transplanted to the burned area.

#3. Neck Traction

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You might think of the Padaung tribes of Burma with their famous neck rings. This process pushes the shoulders down rather than simply elongating the neck, contrary to what most people believe.

Nevertheless, this is an extreme example of neck traction.

In our society, neck traction is for accident victims who need physical therapy. Cervical traction opens up compressed spaces between the vertebrae so the disks in those spaces can function properly.

Cervical traction is also used by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists to relieve neck pain. They’ll use a mechanical device that gradually and continuously applies pressure, opening up the spaces.

Other medical professionals might forgo the mechanical device and hold the patient’s head and gently pull on it. Sometimes the same effect can be achieved by practicing yoga or with assisted stretching

#4. Tooth Shaping

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Tooth contouring is also practiced by dentists to reshape and make teeth grow in a certain manner. They use elongation devices when a tooth is too short, and braces when teeth are too crowded.

#5. Penis Extending

penis extender

Penis extenders are traction devices making use of the body’s natural ability to heal itself after gentle stretching of tissue is performed.

The device applies gentle pressure, causing the cells in the soft tissue of the penis to actually multiply and increase the tissue mass.

This leads to development in length as well as girth of the penis.

The ligament extending through the base of the penis can also be prompted to strengthen and grow, responding to outside physical stimulus provided by the penis extender traction device.

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