Can Body Shape Dictate Penis Size

Can body shape determine the size of your penis

Is it True What They Say About a Man’s Shoe Size?

It’s urban myth time: surely you haven’t escaped hearing about the one that goes like this:

“The bigger a man’s feet are, the bigger his penis is likely to be.”

The correlation between shoe size and penis size has been bandied about casual conversation and barroom talk for ages- yet is there any truth to it?

Surely scientists have had a moment here and there to look into this important matter? Isn’t somebody funding this sort of vital research?

You’ll be relieved to find out that yes, some English urologists had the wherewithal in 2002 to perform a study observing correlation between shoe size and penis length. Here’s how it went.

The 2002 British Hospital Study

It’s not clear how the participants in the study were rounded up for such degradation as to have their body parts measured but one thing is clear: the study took place in London as University College men who had come to the hospital for various urological reasons. There were a total of 104 men who agreed to be stretched, pulled, measured, and scrutinized before they got dressed and went on their merry way.

And stretched they were. Turns out the biggest obstacle to performing such a scientific study is how you’re going to measure the penis.

It’s not at all like measuring foot size. Although feet do swell with exercise and with certain health issues, it’s pretty easy to corner a pretty decent foot measurement sitting there in a doctor’s office where not much is going on.

But penis size? It’s slippery territory. Do you measure without touching, do you pull and measure? Do you encourage erection and then measure? Do you take into effect the inevitable, frigid conditions of the doctor’s office? The answers are no, yes, no, and yes.

Doctors in this study arrived at a solution for measuring penis size: keep the guy warm until a measuring tool is ready. Then, have him drop his pants, don’t hesitate much, then pull only a certain amount, and measure. The part about not hesitating is so that he doesn’t have a chance to get cold and shrink.

The result of the study was that there is no correlation between shoe size and penis size.

Sorry tall guys- women just won’t be looking at you the same any more.

What About Penis Size and Height?

While big shoe size is normally associated with being tall, scientists separate the two traits and view them differently for purposes of scientific study.

So that brings us to a 2001 Italian study- this time performed on way more men (3300). These scientists weren’t kidding around: they got serious and took three measurements: one of the flaccid penis and one of the stretched penis size. They also measured circumference. Their findings were shocking:

Penis size did correlate with height (and weight, oddly enough).

So, ladies: forget shoe size, it’s height that matters when it comes to guessing as to what’s underneath.

Being Very Short vs Being Very Tall

It seems that extremes on either end of the spectrum can have consequences on your penis size. Apparently men under 5’8″ were more likely to have smaller than average penises. It has also been found that men over 6′ were more likely to have larger than average size male members.

That leaves an awful lot of middle men in between, so for the most part this study isn’t telling us much except that very short men are apt to have smaller penises, just like everything else on their bodies. Get it? It’s about proportionality. Likewise for very tall men: wouldn’t you expect them to have slightly longer penises, to go with everything else on their bodies, that’s longer?

Why Do You Care?

Come to think of it, why do we all care so much about penis size? Especially when there is so much false perception around the topic of penis size. You are what you are…right?

Not according to some men who just aren’t willing to settle for anything but maximum size.

If you’re concerned about penis size, here are two pieces of advice: (1) you probably have nothing to worry about and (2) if you feel the need to gain some size and you’re looking for some natural enlargement techniques: there are actually some things you can do.

Appearance Things You Can Do

Personal Grooming

Do yourself a huge favor and spend a few minutes grooming the area surrounding your penis. You would be shocked at how much longer and larger your penis looks when you don't have a big hairy bush of hair overtaking it. Which looks larger: a tree surrounded by bushes, or a tree on a field of mowed grass? I rest my case. Not only that, but women have stated that they are much more open to giving oral pleasure to a man that is well groomed and maintained down there. It's a win/win situation for you!

Stay Fit and Trim

Several times I've seen it written that for every 15 lbs you're overweight, you can lose up to an inch of visible penis size. You're penis is not an inch smaller, but the stomach fat and pubic fat hang over and start to bury your penis from the base up in effect. If something is hidden by a large, overhanging sack of fat (your stomach), then it’s not going to look very large. In fact, appearing to have a large penis will be the least of our worries if your’e that out of shape.

Other Things You Can Do To Increase Penis Size

Penis Exercises

I used to think penis exercises were a joke, until I actually started to investigate them. In fact, I'm working on a post right now about the benefits and effects of jelqing (pronounced jel-king). Jelqing is basically a form of traction that is done by using your hands and applying consistent stretching and "milking" type exercises on your penis. I have seen that over a period of time, you can see some increases in penis length and girth through doing jelqing.

Testosterone Boosters

Despite anything you read, there is no pill, cream, or spray this is going to add inches of new flesh to your penis, it's just not going to happen. However, that's not to say that you can't or won't experiences in increases in penis size depending on what the issue is. If you're having difficulty getting a nice full and hard erection, you could be suffering from low testosterone. Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection is one of the biggest indicators of low t, so if you feel like that could be something you're dealing, then taking a proven testosterone booster is an excellent route to go. Plus, when you have healthy and vibrant levels of testosterone flowing through your body, it effects your body in so many other positive ways!

best testosterone boosters

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Penis Extenders

Outside of surgery and some possible modest gains with jelqing, the only way to get real and measurable actual tissue growth is through a penis extender device. A good penis extender is an actual medical type 1 device that uses traction (sustained stretching tension over time) to create new real tissue growth, and the results are permanent. You can not lose newly grown tissue after you have acquired it through traction.

Traction slowly tears muscle and tissue fibers creating cytokinesis. Cytokinesis is the process where a single cell divides and grows into two daughter cells. This is how the real new penile tissue growth occurs. This isn't a gimmicky "get big quick" scheme. It's a real and medically endorsed way of getting measurable penile growth.

You can expect a gain of close to 30% over a 12-24 week period of time. It requires a commitment of time and consistent use, but if you're looking to add real and permanent growth then it could absolutely be worth it to you especially if you've battled feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem over time because of the size of your penis. The difference between a 4 inch penis and a 6 inch penis can make all the difference in the world.

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