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SizeGenetics VS X4 Labs

Penis Extender ReviewsLooking for a doctor-approved, decent-quality, lab-tested penis extender?Welcome to the Wild West of medical devices.Until recently this market was unregulated, untested, and unproven…making room for just about anyone to build a device and market it any way they saw fit.Luckily for you, that’s all changing as we speak. There are now lab-tested penis […]

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Male Edge Penis Extender Review

male edge penis extender

 Male Edge SummaryAre you feeling emotionally wrecked and completely inadequate about the size of your penis? Have your feelings about your penis size prevented you from having fulfilling relationships because you were scared or embarrassed? The reality is that many men have feelings of inadequacy about their penis size, and it causes them a great […]

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How To Use A Penis Extender

how to use a penis extender or penis stretcher

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Proper Use of a Penis ExtenderDid you know you can wear your penis extender under your clothing and it’s not visible?There, I thought I’d start out with a really stunning fact about penis extenders. As it turns out, most men are for some reason, under the impression that […]

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Jes Extender

jes extender

Jes Extender SummaryIt’s fair to say that almost every man has questioned the size of his penis. For some men, their lack of penis size literally stops them from entering into intimate relationships or makes them mortified to enter the bedroom out of sheer embarrassment. If you are one of the many men that are not […]

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Can Body Shape Dictate Penis Size

Can body shape determine the size of your penis

Is it True What They Say About a Man’s Shoe Size?It’s urban myth time: surely you haven’t escaped hearing about the one that goes like this:“The bigger a man’s feet are, the bigger his penis is likely to be.”The correlation between shoe size and penis size has been bandied about casual conversation and barroom talk […]

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SizeGenetics Review

sizegenetics penis extender

 SizeGenetics SummaryOur Top Recommended Penis Extender! It seems like every guy has wondered at least once, how to get a bigger penis. When you feel inadequate, it can really wreak havoc on your self esteem and confidence and also your relationship with your spouse or significant other. SizeGenetics offers the strongest yet safest penis extension […]

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