Do Penis Extenders Fit All Sizes?

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The Tech That Makes Penis Extenders Their Most Comfortable Ever

To any man who’s ever disregarded the idea of penis enlargement due to fear of pain or discomfort, this good news is for you. Scientists and top-notch designers have made huge strides in the areas of comfort as well as effectiveness of male enlargement products…namely penis extenders.

With as much attention given to comfort as everything else, engineers have finally devised a product that safely and with minimal comfort gently applies traction to the penis for long-term effects without the adverse side effects of enlargement surgery or the ineffective ridiculousness of “enlargement exercises”.

Comfort is a Priority with the Best Male Enhancement Extender Products

The best male enlargement devices are those which present a comfortable, ergonomically-created mechanism which also happens to be totally effective at the same time. Devices made by SizeGenetics have proven to be effective in medical studies, and are also doctor-approved, as well as technologically advanced for maximum comfort.

It helps when your design team partners with a well-known health care leader like 3M. Trusted around the globe for quality products for the health care industry, 3M provides unmatched innovation. SizeGenetics devices incorporate advanced comfort plasters designed and made by 3M. We think 3M’s motto says it all:

Science…is just science. Until you make it improve the world.

Gone are the “fixed noose” contraptions of yesteryear. Gone are problems with slippage. Gone are ill-fitting devices that don’t match your unique shape.

A Clinically Proven Approach to Comfort

It certainly took long enough, but it finally looks as though a select few makers of penis stretchers are finally aiming higher when it comes to quality of their products. SizeGenetics’ partnership with 3M is visible evidence of that.

Now, instead of merely a noose for securing the device in place, men who buy their product also get a comfort strap which greatly decreases the chance they’ll experience slippage. What’s more, the noose is now made of soft, yet durable silicone. In addition, the newly designed device allows for more surface area of the penis to be involved in the traction. Less localized traction means much more comfort.

That’s already 3 ways in which new technology has resulted in the SizeGenetics penis extender becoming far more comfortable (and effective) than its competitors. Here are two more.

Two More Ways to Add Comfort to Penis Extenders

Tech is drastically improving the comfort of penis extenders in other ways, too. SizeGenetics offers another design element called Comfort Technology. Here, they’ve taken diversity into account in their design process.

Penis extenders shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all product. Sadly, until recently that’s exactly what they’ve been! Call it lack of competition, lack of information, or lack of technology but whatever the case may be, penis extenders as a rule have not been super comfortable for the majority of men using them.

Again, that’s all changing because of technology. SizeGenetics’ Comfort Technology takes the following considerations into account when designing blueprints for their device:

  • various penis sizes
  • various penis shapes
  • various penis angles
  • various sensitivities

The result of their research and design team’s efforts nothing short of marvelous. Now you have the following comfort-improving characteristics worked into every SizeGenetics device, resulting in 16 different ways to wear the extender:

Permenda LTD

  • protection pads under the noose and strap to reduce rubbing, chaffing, and other discomfort
  • ultra soft fabric-covered latex head grip
  • super gentle non-slip protech matt strap

Finally, the MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling) features allowances for curved penises or penises with an angle to them. Now, any man no matter what the size, shape, or angle of his penis may be, can consider increasing his size, safely and without adverse side effects.

In our opinion, SizeGenetics is the best penis traction or penis extender device on the market today. However, there are a couple of others that are in the top 3. 

All three of these penis extenders are considered the industry's best, with SizeGenetics having the slight edge over all three simply because they've put so much extra effort in the comfortableness of their product.​

We highly encourage you to read through these reviews so you can see why these particular penis traction devices have separated themselves from the sea of cheap and non-effective products in the market.

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