History Of Penis Stretching

history of penis stretching

Some men just can’t seem to help themselves. Chalk it up to their competitive nature, body image issues, or fetishism but however you choose to explain it…penis stretching has always been around.

Whether lurking in the background as urban myth or celebrated in tribal fashion by entire communities, it’s there, and it’s always been there.

So many men have been caught up in the thrilling whirlwind that is penis stretching that we can follow a clear thread throughout history of the practice. Surprisingly, that thread goes back thousands of years!

In fact, cave men were apparently into it too. Long before they invented metal working and pottery, they were working on ways to enlarge the penis.

That’s what cave paintings dating back to 440 BC indicate, anyway. They depict men with colossal penises…perhaps a symbol of power but perhaps also the result of caveman penis stretching.

Of course it’s not just penis stretching that’s fascinated people over the years…there’s also

  • neck stretching
  • arm stretching
  • leg stretching
  • lip stretching
  • ear stretching
history of penis stretching - neck stretching
lip stretching as it relates to the history of penis stretching
ear stretching and penis stretching

The funny thing, however, is that while peculiar practices like inserting plates into the lip (made famous by various slightly voyeuristic National Geographic issues over the decades) have died out, penis stretching is still going strong!

In fact, the scientific body of evidence on penis stretching is growing as more scientists discover ways to procure funding. That means modern-day devices like penis extenders are just getting better and better.

As evidence mounts that they truly do work to grow the length of the penis, more money gets poured into engineering better and better devices. You really couldn’t say that about neck rings and lip plates, could you?

Here, for your entertainment, is a brief history of penis stretching. From India to Asia and Europe…every culture has had its share of this practice.

Ancient Rome & Greece

history of stretching the penis

Lucky for us the ancient Romans and Greeks placed such a strong emphasis on literacy. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t know about their ancient forms of penis extending. There are references in both ancient cultures of penis stretching via weights and massaging techniques.

Some tomes describe penis exercises for boys that were designed to add length and girth. Whether that actually worked or not nobody knows…but exercises today have never been shown to work in modern scientific practice.


egypt history of penis stretching

Turns out those ancient Egyptians were up more than just pyramid-building. It also turns out they were cruel to slaves in more ways than one. Even in the days before the famous dynasty days, they were performing crude experiments on slaves, whose penises were stretched in numerous ways, then carefully observed and written down in manuscripts.

These manuscripts survived the centuries, which is how of course we know about the bizarre practices of the ancient Egyptians.

Once it was determined that penis stretching didn’t kill their slaves, the pharaohs tried it themselves. They started hanging weights from their members, hoping to see elongation.

Unfortunately for them, however, the weight-hanging method leaves a lot to be desired. Weights may serve to stretch and elongate the penis, but it also makes the penis thinner.

Imagine a piece of taffy…

Not only that, but hanging weights can decrease blood circulation in the penis. That’s seriously bad news, since it may eventually cause death of penis tissue, the medical term for which is necrosis.

So, it turns out those Pharaohs were making one giant hideous mistake…obviously those slave experiments didn’t take into account the long-term consequences of penis weight-hanging methods of penis enlargement.

Ancient Arabia

stretching penises in ancient arabia

In what is now called Iran and surrounding areas, the large penis somehow came to be the symbol of male potency…go figure! Ancient lore in this culture is supposedly filled with stories of male dominance resulting simply from possessing huge sexual organs.

Therefore, those ancient arabs were fiercely focused on ways to enlarge their penises. They eventually came up with jelqing. Although it’s been around since ancient times, urban myth and legend has kept the notion alive, thanks in part to the Internet.

Jelqing consists of heavy-handed massaging in one direction (towards the tip), in a manner strong enough to cause breakdown in the penis cells so that they actually stretch.

What really happens is men who practice jelqing end up damaging their penises…mangling them with their own hands and in the end seeing no results in the way of growth.

Skip ahead to the 1970s when a Dr. Brian Richards decided to apply some scientific techniques to the study of jelqing. His results were actually published in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Surprisingly, his experiments showed 87% of the men experienced positive results. However, the results, although positive, were hardly noticeable at all. Not only that, but the jelqing method took forever and of course produced pain and injuries. Lots of effort, lots of risk, and very little reward.


penis stretching in india

Seems the weight-hanging method was universal at one point in history. From ancient Greece to Egypt, and now India, the use of heavy stones to stretch out the penis seems to have been the fashion for at least a while.

The Indian Sadkhus tribes tried this method too. They used grass to hang stones from their penises, with similar results (remember the taffy…).


While it seems men in history never did succeed in finding a successful penis enlargement technique , or at least one that’s acceptable to today’s men, it does appear that one thing is true: the desire to have a larger penis is not bound by international borders. Every culture, every age has its own history of men wanting larger penises.

It’s fortunate that today, we have labs, scientists, and long-term studies to rely upon for determining the best way to enlarge a penis. Now, we have the era of the penis extender, where medical doctors are using medically certified devices called penis extenders or penis traction devices as a new alternative to risky and costly penis enlargement surgery. 

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