How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Would YOU Like To Learn How To Make Your PENIS BIGGER? Read This Article To Find Out HOW...

There are many websites that share information on how you can make your penis bigger, one of the most common ways is through surgery. This does however cost a lot of money and can have some really nasty side effects.

Make your penis bigger

Don’t worry though!

I have written this guide to teach you how you can actually increase penis size naturally. Hopefully the tips found in this guide will help you see the results you are looking for, as well as making you more confident.

Is It Even Possible To Increase The Size?

This is a question I get asked a lot, I have been in the Penis Enlargement industry for 11 years now. In this time I have researched a lot, tried many different products and spoken to many of people in PE communities.

You know what I have discovered? YES! It is possible!

You need to look at the penis the same way as bodybuilders look at increasing muscle size. Now the penis is not a muscle but it works in a similar way. The idea is to increase blood flow to the penis, this extends the ligaments and thus you will see increased size. Often these improvements can decrease over time, however some methods do help to make the results more permanent. Details on these are below;

4 methods to make your penis bigger naturally

The below 4 methods are known to help make your penis bigger. These will often provide permanent or near permanent results with continued use. They can be used individually but many do see increased results by combining multiple methods.

Penis Pills

best male enhancement pills

Penis enhancement pills are probably one of the oldest and most used methods of increasing the size of the penis. They have also experienced a lot of negativity, due to some poor quality products that are just out there to take advantage.

There are however some decent ones!

Please don’t let these put you off though, there are some decent penis pills that use proven ingredients to give results.

How Do Penis Pills Work?

The main function of these pills is to increase blood flow, the more blood that flows into the penis the stronger and longer lasting the erections. Thus giving the increased penis size that you are looking for. Unlike viagra, these supplements are made from natural ingredients and are therefore proven to be effective and cause no side effects.

As penis pills increase blood flow, they are often a go to choice when combined with other products such as extenders and pumps. Pills help to increase recovery time, allowing you to see better results in less time.

Penis Exercises

Exercises are a very common way to increase penis size naturally. Just like with muscle growth and development, you have to exercise. Penis exercises are basically ways to pull and stretch the penis to encourage more blood to flow into the chambers, thus increase penis size and give you stronger erections.

Like any type of exercise, it does take time to see results. Although it can only take 10 minutes a day and over a couple of weeks/months, you will see some impressive gains (more often girth than length)

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are probably the least known penis enlargement method, although they are one that is has more studies and has actually been proven by studies that it actually does work. Extenders are used to keep the penis stretched for an extended period of time, causing the ligaments within the penis to rip and thus repair to be bigger and stronger. As well as this, they also increase blood flow to the penis that helps with repair time and erection strength.

Penis extenders are also proven to help with curvature straightening and aid in correcting peyronie's disease. Interestingly what many people don’t realise, if you have surgery you have to wear a device afterwards anyway...You might as well skip the surgery and use a device.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a common penis enlargement product due to some well-known and well advertised products. Many people interested in penis enhancement have come across the Bath Mate device. These pumps have had some incredible feedback, as it is one of the only methods that gives instant results.

You may not see permanent results right away, however the minute you finish using the pump the penis will be bigger, thicker and erections will be stronger. This is because it has more blood in the penis, many people therefore use them before having sexual intercourse.

Will continued use though, people will often start to see more permanent results.

Quick ways to look like the penis is bigger

There are a number of things that you can however do to give the impression that you have a bigger penis.

Doing these along with one of the above penis enlargement methods, you should be able to add a good amount of length (or at least give that impression!)

Bigger Penis

Below are the easiest 3 methods to make your penis bigger at home...

Shave public hair

Having a large amount of public hair can actually give the impression that the penis is smaller, as it is hidden by hair. Therefore many men tend to either trim or completely shave the public hair, this helping to give the impression that it is bigger. This is because you are able to see the complete shaft of the penis and not 2 inches up after the public hair.

If you are wanting to give the impression that your penis is 1-2 inches bigger, consider shaving your public hair.

Reduce Masturbation

When a man masturbates, the blood in the penis is released and their body release dopamine (the happy hormone). This reduced blood means erections are reduced. If you can go without masturbation for at least several days, you will find your erections are stronger, harder and longer lasting as you have more stored blood.

Lose Pelvic Weight

Many people don’t realise that the penis actually goes into the pelvis a little, which is why when you measure you should push the ruler in a little further. Now imagine if you were a little overweight and you had some additional fat on the pelvis/pubis. This would mean the penis goes further in as the fat is out and therefore making the penis look smaller than it actually is.

Doing some exercises to reduce this will therefore allow more of your penis to show and thus making it look bigger.

4 Tips To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Naturally one way to make the penis appear bigger is to be able to prevent erectile dysfunction. If you are unable to get an erection or can only get a semi erection then the penis will look smaller than it actually is.

Below are 4 quick tips that can be easily applied to help prevent erectile dysfunction

  1. Healthy Diet - A poor diet can have dramatic impacts on the ability to get an erection, studies have shown that those men that have a poor diet often find it harder to get and maintain an erection. High cholesterol and blood pressure also impact on the erections and this can also be linked to a poor quality diet.

  2. Plenty of Sleep - When we sleep our body is able to recover from the days events. When we suffer from sleep apnea the oxygen levels drop and therefore blood flow cannot be regulated. This can often result in low quality erections. If you are not able to get the first erection of the day when you wake up, it could be due to your sleeping patterns.

  3. Alcohol Limit - We all know the impact of alcohol on our bodies, too much and the testosterone levels decrease. It is fine having a drink but it is recommended to try and limit the amount you do have.

  4. Reduce Stress -  In order to get a decent erection, you need a decent blood flow to the penis. When you are stressed your adrenaline levels increase and this causes the blood vessels to contract. The result of this is reduced blood flow and thus low quality erections. Try and find activities to help reduce your stress levels, or cut out what is causing the stress.

Methods to improve erections to help increase size

There are also ways in which you can improve your erections, doing so will help give the impression that the penis is bigger and therefore make you feel more confident.

  1. Focus on foreplay - Many people jump into sex right away and it tends to be over before you know it. By taking time and doing foreplay your sexual appetite will increase and so more blood will flow to the penis. This will result in not only a better sexual experience but a much harder and longer lasting erection

  2. Drink Pomegranate Juice - Pomegranate juice has a number of health benefits, one of which is the ability to improve erections. It does this in two ways. The first way is by increasing testosterone production, which is the male hormone. The 2nd is by increases nitric oxide, if your body lacks NO then you will struggle to get erections

  3. Use Supplements - Erection Supplements are an excellent way of improving erections, making them much harder and last longer. This is because they increase blood flow and with more blood in the penis, the better the erection is going to be. These do tend to be natural and good quality ones should not cause negative side effects.

  4. Exercises - Exercise might be an obvious one but even those that are not overweight may not exercises. Even if you are a decent weight, you should still exercises to improve cardiovascular health. This helps keep a healthy flow of blood around the body and thus gives you better erections.

  5. Eat Erection Boosting Foods - There are a number of foods that help with erections to give you a bigger penis. These either help to improve blood flow or increase levels of Nitric Oxide and testosterone. It is worth adding some of these foods into your daily diet, more details on them are below.

Foods that can help make your penis bigger

Foods to increase penis size

You should always focus on having a healthy balanced diet, this ensures you are going to get all of the nutrients that you body needs to perform at its optimal. Your plate should always have a protein as well as carbs and foods that are high in nutrients and amino acids. Below are some of the best foods to help make the penis bigger..


Cabbage helps with combating free radicals, improving blood flow and this helping make your erections harder and your penis bigger. This is due to the vitamin C and nutrients such as potassium.


Nuts are well-known for their high contents of healthy fat and protein. They help to improve testosterone levels as well as containing Zinc, both of which are great at improving erection strength


Many people choose to not use Garlic because of the smell on the breath, if you can combat that however it is a great addition to your diet. It contains Allicin, which helps improve circulation to the penis and thus give you better erections.


Bananas are known for their high level of potassium, this is known to help relax the blood vessels which help increase blood flow.


Fish such as Salmon and tuna are a great addition as they contain Omega-3 acids. These help combat erection problems as it helps to maintain healthy blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow to the penis and give you better erections.

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