Is Penis Enlargement Really Possible?

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Now We Have a Definitive Answer

Men want it, and scientists want to give it to them. What we’re talking about here is a non-surgical way to increase penis size…one that gives permanent results without the scary risks of penile surgery.

Oh, it would also be nice if it didn’t cost too much too.

Up until recently, it’s been touch and go for consumers in the penis enlargement market.

  • Who can you trust?
  • What evidence is there that anything works?
  • What about long-term results?
  • Side effects?
  • Technique?

Where Do Men Find Answers?

It’s not exactly the type of thing you want to discuss with your buddies, either. So it’s a good thing that along came the internet and made it possible to purchase penis extenders through the mail…although this isn’t ideal and I’ll tell you why…

There have always been penis-augmenting products on the internet but the problem is they’re marketed in a way that makes men trust the claims about as much as they’d trust a snake oil salesman, which is to say not at all.

They’re presented with exclamatory wording, with stupendous claims, and in a context that prejudices potential buyers against them from the get-go (shady internet sites and silly email campaigns).

Obviously there are some real scammers out there.

Finally, Scientists Get Involved

Thanks to some Italian scientists, it’s now possible to say that penis extenders really do work, based on the authority of real science.

And it’s about time, too. For decades, the world has consulted researchers on the effectiveness, safety, and technique of other body improvements like breast augmentation, lip pumping, and ear tucking. But penis enlargement? Scientists just aren’t that interested.

This has created a strange imbalance in the medical-cosmetic world, one where plastic surgery has become routine but penis enlargement is barely spoken of.

It’s hardly worth mentioning when someone gets their cheeks lifted or has a bump smoothed out on their nose. It’s not only common- it’s accepted!

But woe to the man who tries to discuss enlarging his penis within the same context as facial plastic surgery. It’s a taboo subject, to say the least. It also brings judgement, misunderstanding, pity, and ridicule upon a man…hypocritically, too.

After all, penis enlargement is simply another form of body modification, like breast implants or lip plumping. Most people, and we’ll just call then “unenlightened”, don’t see it this way, unfortunately.

Things are Changing…

Back to the Italian scientists. What they did is going to change all this. These brave men represent the beginning of a new era in science – really!

Once somebody’s already done some research, it’ll be easier for subsequent researchers to pick up the thread and continue in the same vein. It should also be easier for other researchers to get funding since precedence is now set.

Therefore, it’s only a matter of time until we see tons of data backing up the science behind penis enlarging devices. From there, it’s a short hop, skip and jump to acceptance world-wide of penis extender products and men can finally discuss this topic freely

What Does the Research Say?

These Italian scientists studied 15 men who used penis extenders for four hours a day. This went on for six months and by the end of the study, the men had significantly longer penises. The increases averaged 2.3 cm. That’s almost an inch.

So it’s real: penis extenders do work. The study was real, too: published in the British Journal of Urology and widely accepted by the medical community.

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This is great news for any man interested in augmenting what nature gave him, without resorting to surgery!

Better yet, more research should follow and who knows, they may even someday invent a device that’s even better than the penis extender. For now, though,

penis extenders are the safest, most effective route to take for male enhancement.

The Italian study has tipped the scales and it’s now believed that the penis enlargement industry should take a turn for the better.

No longer relegated to the arena of the “rare and strange”, penis extenders are coming into the limelight as scientific devices that really work. Doctors are already prescribing them for patients with penis issues.

how to use a penis extender or penis stretcher

Now we can look forward to a day when penile extenders are sold in drugstores next to the condoms.

They’ll be scientifically approved standardized mechanisms that sit on store shelves just as proudly as ace bandages, carpal tunnel wrist wraps, and thermometers.

Now that you know that penis enlargement with a penis extender is really possible, you also have to understand that all penis extenders are not created equally. There is a very big difference between high quality, medically certified devices and cheap knock off products. 

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