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Jes Extender Summary

It’s fair to say that almost every man has questioned the size of his penis. For some men, their lack of penis size literally stops them from entering into intimate relationships or makes them mortified to enter the bedroom out of sheer embarrassment. If you are one of the many men that are not happy with the size of your penis, then you should definitely take a look at the Jes-Extender. Over half a million men have used the Jes-Extender to increase the physical size of their penises forever! This is not a gimmick, and it's not a "get big quick" scheme. This is a medically certified Class 1 medical device that is prescribed and backed by doctors all over the world and basic science. We decided to review the Jes Extender to see how it stacks up against the competition – especially the SizeGenetics Extender which received very high marks from us!

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Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5 Stars

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 Jes Extender Benefits

  • Real new tissue for increased penis length
  • New size increase in penis girth
  • Proven to correct Peyronie's Disease (bent penis)
  • All new growth cannot be lost after achieving it
  • Removes barriers to sexual intimacy
  • Restores confidence and adequacy in the bedroom that seems to filter into every other aspect of your life
  • Bigger and harder erections

 Jes Extender Pros and Cons


  • Scientifically proven and medically endorsed traction technology
  • Over half a million users worldwide
  • No doctor oversight needed to use the product
  • Works on virtually any penis length or thickness
  • Works on both circumcised and uncircumcised penises
  • Far less dangerous and potentially hazardous than penile surgery
  • Flexible go-at-your-own-pace treatment plan
  • Ships to over 200 countries worldwide
  • Double money back guarantee
  • Backed by medical science
  • Class 1 medically certified device
  • Made from 100% medical grade materials, hypo-allergenic, lightweight and easy to use


  • Growth doesn’t happen overnight. It will take a considerable amount of time to be able to experience the permanent growth that comes from cytokinesis
  • Not every guy will experience the same results. However, this is something that should go without saying.
  • You can’t urinate while wearing this device.
  • You have to take it off every two hours for 10 – 15 minutes in order to restore normal circulation. But this holds true for all of the extenders that are out there.
  • Requires a 12-24 week commitment to see inches of new and permanent growth


On the official Jes Extender webiste! Click below

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About The Company

DanaMedic was the inventor of the very first penis enlargement product in 1995, the Jes Extender.

They then went on to create the best selling penis enlarger of all time. It is completely based on the highly effective traction method that slowly encourages the body’s natural ability to grow.

DanaLife believes that a man’s ability to enlarge his penis is a form of self-improvement.

It’s not really that different than working out at the gym, or using beauty products.

They believe that the penis enlargement process should be safe, affordable, clinically proven and most importantly, get you the desired results that you are looking for.

This is their guarantee and it’s what their products stand for.

What is the Jes-Extender?

Jes-Extender is a penis traction device, which means that it uses a steady constant pulling tension over a period of time to literally grow the size of the penis through a process called CYTOKINESIS (cell division).

How does this penis traction device work?

Jes-Extender is a device that provides penis traction, which is a safe, pain free, and non-surgical way to guarantee the permanent growth and enlargement of your penis .

The way that it works is by keeping constant tension to the shaft of your penis. This in turn, causes your tissue cells to slowly divide and multiply. The name of this process is called cytokinesis.

Over a period of time, penis traction will result in new tissue growth throughout the entire penis, making your penis THICKER and LONGER in less than a year when used properly and consistently.

This is not a “get big quick” scheme. This is bonafide way to increase the size of your penis PERMANENTLY! You are literally changing the physiology of your penis.

This is a Class 1 medical device that is backed by science and used by medical doctors all over the world.

Cytokinesis: the cytoplasmic division of a cell at the end of mitosis or meiosis, bringing about the separation into two daughter cells.

How the Jes-Extender works more in depth

The makers (DanaMark) put a good video explaining how this product works which I thought was pretty good and worth sharing:

Not Your Ordinary Penis Extender

When I began to do my research on this penis extender, I could tell immediately that it was one of the better penis extenders on the market today.

Just the overall construction of it and the materials used seemed to be of much higher quality than many of the others that I’ve seen.

An obvious testament to the superior effectiveness of Jes-Extender is their guarantee!

The proper use of this device will make your penis grow in both length and girth, or they will give you twice your money back. I have never seen an offer like this before.

That tells me that this company stands behind their product with absolute confidence.

Over 500,000 men around the globe have used Jes-Extender since it was introduced to the market in 1995. The market has a way of naturally weeding out the bad products, and the fact that this company has sold over half a million units over 21 years adds so much credibility to the company and product and gives the consumer so much more confidence to buy the product.

DanaMedic was the first company to make a product of this kind and they continue to set the standards.

Increase your penis size in a natural, safe and proven way

Anyone can use it, no matter the size of your penis, or whether you are cut or uncut.

Increasing the size of your penis by using the Jes-Extender doesn’t interfere with your daily life routine. It is entirely possible to experience sex as usual while participating in the program.

Due to its lightweight and comfortable design, Jes-Extender can be used while you sleep and during the daytime under pants that are loose fitting.

Jes Extender - Penis Traction Device

    • You are in control of the amount of tension. This device allows the user to have complete control over the tension that is being applied.
    • It’s very easy to adjust – You really don’t need to put much work into the use of this device. You just turn the adjustments clockwise and extend them outward until you reach your desired length.
    • Jes-Extender also has a positive effect on both Peyronie’s Disease and penis curvature, it effectively reduces the curve by almost 80%.
    • All of their products are approved by the FDA and also carry the European CE mark. This classifies them as a Class 1 medical device. They have been approved for home use, and their results have been clinically tested and proven to be effective.
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Why Consider a Penis Extender Like Jes-Extender

There have been recent studies that have shown that a lot of guys are concerned about the size of their penis.

Regardless of your marital status, social, or cultural background, not being happy with the size of your penis is a very common issue.

When a survey was conducted with a group of men from different ages and different backgrounds, over 50% of them said that they weren’t satisfied with the size of their penis.

With Jes-Extender, you are the one to set your individual pace and determine your goals for your extension by figuring out how long you want to wear it, and how much tension you want to use. The longer that you apply it, the better results you will achieve.

The people at DanaMark, the manufacturer of Jes-Extender, have conducted a lot of studies over the 20 plus years that they have been in business.

One of these studies have also shown that this device can effectively cure those with Peyronie´s disease.

The results that you can expect to gain from using this device are pretty impressive.

Some of its users have experienced an additional growth of up to three inches.

Also, the package comes with an instructional booklet and DVD that will help you through the whole process. This will help you to achieve the results you are looking for in a shorter amount of time.

Another great thing about using Jes-Extender is that whatever gains you make will become permanent. Unlike pumps and creams that only give the illusion of growth due to increased blood flow which is only temporary.

Medical Testing and Backing

The British Journal of Urology International published a scientific study in which they said:

What’s known on the subject?  What does the study add? Penile lengthening methods remain a controversial issue. Surgical procedures of “lengthening phalloplasty” are characterized by poorly defined indications and an unacceptably high rate of complications, as recently outlined by a literature review, while non-surgical techniques are largely popularized by the media but often lack scientific evidence. In the literature we found only ten articles/abstracts of studies pertaining to the topic of our review. With our review, we aimed to explore whether non-surgical methods of penile lengthening may have some scientific background. We focused specifically on penile extenders, which among conservative methods are those whose efficacy is supported by some scientific evidence.It seems that penile traction devices should be proposed as the first-line treatment option for patients seeking a penile lengthening procedure

British Journal Of Urology

How To Use The Product

DanaMark also put together another video on how exactly to use the Jes-Extender that I thought was very good, so I’m including it in this review.

Sometimes, a video is worth more than a 1000 words, especially with a product like this.

Product Reviews

Jes-Extender has had very favorable reviews by hundreds of thousands of men from all over the world.

Many have recorded getting gains of up to three inches after using this device for the recommended amount of time on a consistent basis.

In fact, I was very hard pressed to find anything but positive things expressed by Jes-Extender users.

It makes sense that this product has gotten so many positive reviews. The company has been around for over 20 years and pioneered this solution for hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Then they throw in the double your money back guarantee! They know they’ve got a market winner.

How much growth can you expect?

A good rule of thumb is that you can expect about 30% growth in length & girth over a 6 month period of time. Remember, these results are permanent, so if you gain a couple of inches in length, you will have that gain forever. This is not a temporary fix.

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Where can you buy the Jes-Extender?

You can only purchase the Jes-Extender through their official website.

You won’t find this in any retail or online store.

How much does it cost?

Jes-Extender can be purchased in six different styles:

jes penis extender model comparison

All of these styles come with:

  • Box
  • Dual Functioning Front Piece
  • Comfort Strap
  • Silicone Tube
  • 3D Instructional DVD in Six Languages
  • Protection Pad
  • Two Inch/Five cm Elongation Bars
  • One Inch/2.5 cm Elongation Bars

All of the styles have very attractive cases made out of mahogany or aluminum, except for the light standard, which is constructed from cardboard.

This model is also the only one to have a one year guarantee. The rest of them go from 2-5 years, while the Gold and Platinum are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

You can only purchase Jes-Extender through their official website. You will not find them anywhere in retail stores.

They ship all over the world and use standard FedEx services and charge the standard shipping prices. Most orders will be received between one to three days.

Jes-Extender Review Verdict – Best Penis Extender?

I went into this review with the thought that the SizeGenetics penis extender was clearly the best penis extender on the market, but I will have to say that after doing thorough research on the Jes-Extender penis traction device, it’s equally just as good. You can’t go wrong with either of these products. They clearly work and they provide REAL RESULTS that are back by medical professionals and real medical science.

If you are truly interested in enlarging both the length and girth of your penis through the use of a traction device, then I would recommend Jes-Extender for you to try out.

The company has been making these kinds of devices for over 20 years and have been highly successful. They obviously know what works and what doesn’t. Thousands of men have used Jes-Extender all over the world, and this alone should provide testament to its effectiveness.

The best part is that the results are permanent! This product is highly recommended!


No gimmicks or tricks with the Jes Extender penis traction device. 

This is the real deal! Get started today and never look back!

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