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 SizeGenetics Summary

Our Top Recommended Penis Extender! It seems like every guy has wondered at least once, how to get a bigger penis. When you feel inadequate, it can really wreak havoc on your self esteem and confidence and also your relationship with your spouse or significant other. SizeGenetics offers the strongest yet safest penis extension device on today’s market. With an impressive 2,800 grams of tension, the team at SizeGenetics have pushed the envelope when it comes to penis traction technology. This penis extender allows you to achieve the best permanent results possible.This is a fully registered Medical Type 1 device that is used and endorsed by medical professionals all over the world – not a gimmick! Finally, a legit alternative to getting penis enlargement surgery that actually works and provides permanent results!

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Overall Rating

5 out of 5 Stars

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 SizeGenetics Benefits

  • New real penile tissue growth for length and girth through scientifically proven and medically endorsed traction technology with a Type 1 Class medical device
  • All new penile tissue growth is permanent; you cannot lose any new gains
  • Completely newfound confidence to fully engage in sexual intimacy without embarrassment or overwhelming anxiety
  • A whole new renewal of self-esteem
  • Bigger and harder erections

* Results do vary on individuals

 SizeGenetics Pros and Cons


  • Scientifically proven and medically endorsed traction technology
  • Clinically tested and endorsed by medical doctors
  • Used by real penis enlargement surgeons
  • Increases both length & girth
  • Extremely easy to use; wear it within a few seconds
  • No issues wearing it public; it's not noticeable in pants or trousers
  • Can help with bent penis or Peyronie's disease
  • Medical Type 1 device
  • Highest amount of traction tension than most any other penis extender on the market (2800 grams)
  • Extremely comfortable and durable
  • Permanent results
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction


  • Growth doesn’t happen overnight. It will take a considerable amount of time to be able to experience the permanent growth that comes from cytokinesis
  • Not every guy will experience the same results. However, this is something that should go without saying.
  • You can’t urinate while wearing this device.
  • You have to take it off every two hours for 10 – 15 minutes in order to restore normal circulation. But this holds true for all of the extenders that are out there.
  • Requires a 12-24 week commitment to see inches of new and permanent growth
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What Is SizeGenetics?

The SizeGenetics device is a penis traction device.

This device would be categorized as a penis extender or penis enlargement device.

Traction devices like this have been in existence for years and used for a variety of body parts including the penis.

It works like any other traction-based device where it puts steady constant pulling tension on the penis over a period of time.

This tension gently pulls on the penis and encourages the development of new cells to grow to help accommodate the penis’ new extended growth.

Why Would You Consider A Device Like SizeGenetics?

Well, the main reason you would use it is if you want to extend the length of your penis permanently.

Another reason to consider using this device is that it can help straighten penises that are curved or bent.

Finally, this device is actually used by penis enlargement medical surgeons, and to me, that’s a real testament to the legitimacy of this device.

Does SizeGenetics Really Work?

Yes, the SizeGenetics device is based on real science, and this method of lengthening is used in other medical and even cultural procedures. Thanks to this technology, limb stretching procedures are possible to help people with stunted arms or legs.

​Essentially what is happening is that through the constant and consistent pulling and stretching tension cause by the penis traction device, the tissue cells begin to slowly divide and multiply through a process called cytokinesis.

In fact the early versions of this device were used by penis enlargement surgeons to help give their patients the best results from their penis enlargement surgeries.

How comfortable is the SizeGenetics penis traction device?

The makers of this penis extender started with the premise that if the product isn’t comfortable, men aren’t going to use it.

As a result, they have developed what they call the Advanced Comfort System. What this means is that you can wear this device in 58 different ways.

The advanced comfort system allows you to quickly and easily customise your device to wear it in the way that is most comfortable for you. With 58 different ways to use the comfort system, you won’t fail to find the perfect fit for you.

Most extenders only give you one way to wear theirs, and if the device is uncomfortable, your customers aren’t going to see results.

In addition to this, the device uses a MDA (multi directional angling) design and includes Traction Plus Powder and Revita Cream to make the experience even more comfortable.

What Makes SizeGenetics Different From Other Penis Extenders?

  • This device doesn’t just provide the most tension with the best results; you will also find that it’s the most comfortable penis extender that you’ll ever try.
  • It offers a comfort system that is highly advanced, which allows the user to easily and quickly customize the device so you can wear it in whatever way is the most comfortable for you personally.
  • There are 58 different options on how to use their comfort system. This way, it makes it easy to find the optimal setting for you.
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  • SizeGenetics will fit every penis size and shape, and can be adjusted to fit your penis perfectly. This is why it will give you a much more comfortable feeling than any of the other devices out there.
  • They teamed up with the people at 3M, where they took advantage of their many innovative technologies to come up with their unique 3M comfort plasters which are way more advanced than those of their competitors.When you wear them under the device, they prevent slipping and chafing. In fact, these plasters make the whole experience so easy and comfortable, that you might even forget that you’re wearing it!
  • When you purchase the SizeGenetics system you can have 100% confidence knowing that you are getting the safest, most effective penis extender on the market.
  • They are so confident that this product works that they offer a 180 day full money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just return it. All you pay is postage and handling.
  • It has been clinically tested, and endorsed by several medical doctors. They also have literally thousands of testimonials from guys just like yourself who have enlarged the size of their penises by inches in both length and thickness with the use of a SizeGenetics device.
  • They have been selling their penis enlargement devices for over 18 years now, and are made by Danish and U.S. doctors.
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Penis Extender Before And After

One thing that had the most impact on me as a reviewer of the SizeGenetics penis extender was seeing the real before and after pics of real customers that have used the product.

The results were truly impressive, and the feedback from the users has been so overwhelmingly positive.

How Long Will It Take To Notice Results?

This is not a "get-big-quick" gimmick or scheme. You are using a real medical technique called traction to literally change the physiology of your penis to gain new penile tissue growth. This just does not happen over night. You should start to see results quickly after continued use, and to really see dramatic results you should be committed for a 12-24 week time period. And even though that may sound daunting, it's actually the same kind of time frame that you could expect to do any kind of body transformation. If you wanted to go from a non-muscular physique to a muscular one, you would have to put in even more time. Plus, after you're done with the penis extender, the gains you received are permanent and last forever. You never lose your new tissue growth gains!

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

SizeGenetics stands behind gains of about 29% in length and 20% in girth if you consistently use the penis extender for 24 weeks as directed. If you check out the customer pics and testimonials, most guys are seeing roughly 2" of new penile tissue growth. It also depends on what your starting point is. If you're starting out with 2 inch penis, you're not going to magically double your penis length in 24 weeks. But if you have a 5 inch penis, it's not unrealistic to expect that in 24 weeks you should be able to achieve a penis length of 6.5 to 7 inches. Also, it depends on how consistently you are using the penis extender. Finally, if you haven't achieved the length you want, there's nothing stopping you from using it beyond the 24 weeks. Even if it took you more time, it's totally worth feeling adequate, whole, and confident, plus you never lose your gains, so you just go through it once rather than losing it like you do with bodybuilding and having to keep doing over and over to maintain results.

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How Much Does SizeGenetics Cost?

There are 4 different packages to choose from.  

If you click on one of the packages below, it will take you right to the SizeGenetics website and Order Page where you can purchase the product.

size genetics ultimate edition
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sizegenetics value edition
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Comparing the SizeGenetics Ultimate, Comfort, and Value Editions:


  • SizeGenetics Device
  • Double Money Back Guaruntee
  • 1" and 2" elongation bars
  • Comfort pad and strap
  • Instructional DVD
  • 3 Sizes of elongation bars
  • 58 Way ultimate comfort system
  • MDA multi-directional angling headpiece
  • 3M Advanced Comfort Plasters
  • Revita Cream Moisturiser
  • Traction Plus Powder
  • PenisHealth™ DVD
  • Seduction and Fitness E-books
  • Device Cleaning Wipes
  • Luxury Leather Case
  • Lock and Key
  • Travel Case



  • SizeGenetics Device
  • Double Money Back Guaruntee
  • 1" and 2" elongation bars
  • Comfort pad and strap
  • Instructional DVD
  • 3 Sizes of elongation bars
  • 58 Way ultimate comfort system
  • MDA multi-directional angling piece
  • 3M advanced comfort plasters
  • Revita Cream moisturizer
  • Traction Plus powder
  • PenisHealth DVD
  • Seduction & Fitness eBooks
  • Device cleaning wipes
  • Luxury leather case
  • Lock and key
  • Travel case



  • SizeGenetics Device
  • Double Money Back Guaruntee
  • 1" and 2" elongation bars
  • Comfort pad and strap
  • Instructional DVD
  • 3 Sizes of Elongation Bars
  • 58 way ultimate comfort system
  • MDA multi-directional angling headpiece
  • 3M Advanced Comfort Plasters
  • Revita Cream Moisturiser
  • Traction Plus Powder
  • PenisHealth™ DVD
  • Seduction and Fitness E-books
  • Device Cleaning Wipes
  • Luxury Leather Case
  • Lock and Key
  • Travel Case


SizeGenetics Review Verdict

If you have been unhappy about the size of your penis and are finally prepared to do something about it, then penis extenders are the way to go especially if you’re looking for a solution that has a permanent effect.

With that being said, SizeGenetics is the best extender on the market today in my opinion.

Sure, this product might be a little more expensive than some of the other gimmicks advertised all over the internet, but here are some very important facts to take into consideration when thinking about alternative measures.

Surgery – Yes this may be an option, but it comes with a lot of risks. Also, it’s important to know that there aren’t any major medical insurance plans where enlargement surgery is an approved expense. It costs an average of over $10,000 as well.

If you feel that surgery is your best option, however, expect to have to travel to another country for the procedure.

Plus, be warned that these kind of treatments aren’t approved in the United States. The risks are great: erectile issues in the future, infection, nerve damage, and a loss of sensitivity.

What’s even scarier is, a lot of times, the scar tissue that results from the surgery can actually make your penis shorter.

Supplements & Creams – there are many supplements and creams on the market that do absolutely nothing for you. There are a select few that actually do provide benefits, but the benefits they provide are not the same as a penis extender. A penis extender is actually changing the physical dimensions of your penis vs. making your penis harder or fuller by increasing blood flow and libido.

So if you really consider all the options, traction devices are the best way to go if you are truly serious about trying to increase the size of your package.

If you look at all of the positive features provided by the folks who make SizeGentics it’s really a no brainer.

Combine the warranty, the medical endorsements, and the many different levels of personal comfort options to choose from.

Consider the fact that hundreds of thousands of guys like you and I are prepared to give positive testimonials, regarding the effectiveness of using this product, and getting their money back for doing so!

I’m quite sure that you will agree that SizeGenetics is definitely the superior traction device on the market today.


You really don’t have anything to lose, but the time you spend thinking about how to finally make yourself happier and more confident.

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender gets our highest recommendation!

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