SizeGenetics VS X4 Labs

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Penis Extender Reviews

Looking for a doctor-approved, decent-quality, lab-tested penis extender?

Welcome to the Wild West of medical devices.

Until recently this market was unregulated, untested, and unproven…making room for just about anyone to build a device and market it any way they saw fit.

Luckily for you, that’s all changing as we speak. There are now lab-tested penis stretchers which have earned doctor approval and FDA certification…they are the SizeGenetics device and the X4 Labs device, both brought to the market through a rigorous process of research and testing.
Yet still, in a newly budding market like that of penis extenders, consumers can easily get overwhelmed by the choices they face in a marketplace flooded with contenders. There are still unapproved, untested devices out there, and unless you know what to look for, you could be wasting your money on male enlargement products that simply don’t work or (worse yet) cause bodily harm.

Below you’ll find penis extender reviews of two top male enlargement products on the market. Take note of the features that make these two products stand out from the rest and you’ll be in safe territory when it comes to choosing your own device for natural make enhancement.

SizeGenetics vs. X4 Labs

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review

The SizeGenetics product shines in many ways. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a complete system, not simply a device. The wide array of accessories are designed to help consumers get the most out of the product. They range from extender rods of varying lengths to fit all scenarios of penis extension, to a fully documented instructional DVD to ensure consumers are using the device properly and with safety in mind.

size genetics penis extender

The contoured headpiece is the product of an extensive development process, resulting in the safest, most comfortable traction device on the market - bar none!

sizegenetics penis extender

We’d be surprised if any penis extender released to the market this year offers a better blend of quality, comfort, and effectiveness than the SizeGenetics product. Only X4 Labs even comes close, also offering a multitude of choices in its highly engineered ergonomic design.

The precision-adjusted headstrap of the SizeGenetics device, with its ultra-comfortable harness, is perfectly complemented by the contoured base ring expertly designed according to current ergonomic standards of comfort and long-term ease of use. The shaft is cradled in ultra comfort, yet the gentle grip is secure enough to ensure effective traction. This allows for the required steady, even pressure necessary for maximum results.

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Side rod components of the SizeGenetics device are highly engineered pieces which fit perfectly into the unit, integrating precisely with the unique, axial spring system that exists near the base ring. It’s this spring system that allows for a smooth traction effect which is comfortable even when the wearer moves and the device shifts.

The X4 Labs Penis Extender Review

Like the SizeGenetics product, X4 Labs’ device features ergonomic design, comfort options, and quality materials. Components such as flexible rubber straps, protective foam rings, and nooses made of soft, pliable silicone add to overall comfort.

x4 labs review comparison

This device by X4 is considered one of the best male enlargement products because of its craftsmanship, quality, and not least because of its clinical certification.

x4 labs penis extender

Components are quality constructed, with an eye towards durability as well as comfort. In the end, however, I predict that comfort will win out over durability as far as consumer choice is concerned. What good is a durable penis stretcher if it causes discomfort and irritation? For the best penis extender results, the device has to be worn at minimum four hours per day over at least six months.

The Verdict

It’s hard to go wrong with either device, and the choice really comes down to personal preference.

With SizeGenetics you’re getting slightly superior design and quality craftsmanship, as well as doctor approval.

With X4 Labs you’ll get a more aggressive pricing structure for pretty good quality.

For maximum comfort when price is no object, SizeGenetics achieves the most attractive blend of comfort, effectiveness, and top-of-the-line quality components.

For value-conscious budgeting, perhaps the X4 Labs extender device is quite satisfactory.

Having said that, the following are our Top 3 Penis Extenders for this year. X4 Labs just got edged out by these three penis extenders. The X4 Labs product is very good, and if we had a Top 4, it would be listed as well.