What Should I Use For Penis Enlargement?

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Penis Enlargement: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Male enhancement is but a fleeting dream for many men, but for those who decide that dream requires action, what are their options?

Penis enlargement strategies range from the good to the bad to the downright ugly so it’s important to know which is which. Otherwise you risk pursuing your dream with methods that are ineffective or worse: harmful.

The Good: Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are approved by doctors and backed by science. They are bona fide medical devices and although doctors prescribe them for medical conditions and not cosmetic improvement, the devices are approved as safe, nevertheless.

Call it “off-label” marketing, like taking a perfectly safe drug that’s approved for one thing, noticing it’s also good for another thing, and using it for that secondary benefit.

Penis extenders also don’t involve pain, aside from some discomfort if you don’t have it adjusted properly, and the natural slight discomfort that comes from the gentle traction action of the device.

But you’re not putting pressure on blood vessels (more on that below)…rather, you’re stretching the tissues to spur the body’s natural regenerative process whereby more skin tissue will result in a longer penis.

Of course every “win” comes with a little sacrifice: if you have sensitive skin then you could have a skin reaction where the device touches your skin. You’ll have to adjust them occasionally, too, and if you somebody accidentally gets a glimpse then you’re probably in for some deeply embarrassing moments.

However, consider the alternative methods below and the “downsides’ of using a medically approved, scientifically backed penis extender don’t even come close to what you’re risking with the alternatives.

The Bad: Jelquing

Leave it to ancient culture to come up with a really bad technique for enlarging the penis. Jelquing, as it’s called, has been around since people herded goats for a living and nobody really understands why it persists today.

It should have been relegated to the corner along with other insane medical practices in history like blood letting, giving morphine to unruly infants, and lobotomies for depression.

It works on the same concept as a penis pump in that by forcing blood with high pressure into the penis, it’s hoped that the penis will grow.

Well, any time you force blood with high pressure, you’re risking damaging not only your blood vessels (which become strained under pressure like a balloon about to pop) but also your skin tissue due to the heavy-handed rubbing that’s required to force blood into the penis manually.

Remember as a kid, giving people an “Indian Sunburn” (apologies to American Indians) on their arm? Well just imagine doing that to your penis. It causes lacerations in the blood vessels which technically will cause the body to generate larger vascular circuitry but it’s not the most effective way to grow your penis.

Plus, the risk of blood vessel bursting and tissue damage are pretty high. It’s also incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to sustain. Could you torture your penis every day for months on end?

The Ugly: Penile Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is not something that’s approved in the US, so men who take this risky route must travel to another country. There’s a reason it’s not approved: it’s incredibly risky. Any surgery is risky, it’s an inherent part of the surgical world. But penis enlargement surgery could really mess up your life if something goes wrong…which it often does.

Here’s what you’re in for as far as risks go:

  • a deformed penis
  • infection
  • impotency

For this reason, the benefits of penis enlargement surgery are completely outweighed by the horrifying risks and any doctor who fails to tell you this must have a sadistic streak in him because respectable practitioners will never condone this surgery.

If you’re not turned off yet, then consider the gruesome details of penile surgery: like a peninsula, your penis is connected to your mainland body by a ligament. That ligament is cut and then reattached (Frankenstein-style) further down the shaft to the front of the scrotum.

Then, they take fat from elsewhere in your body and implant it, literally sausage-stuffing your penis with fat.

Now, if you don’t consider this whole business ugly then you’re on your own: you’ve been warned!

A Trick of the Eye for Instant Results

Of course there’s one thing you can do right now and it will have instant results. That would be…some personal grooming. As hair grows, it covers the base of the shaft resulting in a shorter-looking member.

So of course we’re not doing a thing to enlarge the penis, but simply tidying things up a bit to fool the eye. The idea is that you want every millimeter you’ve got to show. Why cover things up?

Speaking of covering up your penis, there’s another way that penises all over the world get the short shaft and that’s by becoming hidden by fat.

As depressing as that may sound, it’s the hideous truth. World obesity levels are climbing, and not just in the West, either. China now has a growing obesity problem, as do many countries in the Middle East. Africa is the only continent untouched by this problem.

While being overweight is a true health concern bringing with it all sorts of unpleasant side effects (not to mention self esteem issues and depression), it also has the unfortunate effect of making your penis look smaller, too.

As if being overweight didn’t already make you look and feel less attractive to potential sex partners, it adds the nice little touch of actually making your penis look smaller, too…if it’s even visible anymore (when obesity becomes extreme, as in morbid obesity, things get really serious because the fat simply engulfs the penis, literally).

Which Will You Chose?

So, those are your choices. Of course we’ve done the hard work for you by labeling each method The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly so it’s pretty easy to tell from the get-go which method is the most effective, the safest, and even backed by science.

If you’re considering getting a penis extender for yourself, be sure to explore what’s in store for you when you begin your treatment.

Penis extenders have the benefit of 20 years of research and product development behind them. That means you can get a pretty good idea of how they work, what to expect, and which devices are the best, simply by doing a bit of online research.

Do yourself a favor and get a little background reading in before you take the plunge. That way you’ll be ready to make the commitment of time and effort.

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